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News » Microsoft Web PI: What does it mean for PHP?
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This is the title of Microsoft s presentation announcing the release of Microsoft Web Platform, a collection of Microsoft tools and technologies for developing and running Web applications. This new bundle from Microsoft is interesting as it allows users to download PHP and even install a bunch of PHP applications, such as Drupal and phpBB.

It seems like Microsoft has finally come to terms with the dominance of PHP in the Web application space. This is the first time Microsoft has presented PHP as a viable alternative to .NET.

As Andi Gutmans wrote in his blog a couple of weeks ago, "we, at Zend, have been working closely with Microsoft since 2006 to make sure PHP applications running on Windows get the same reliability and performance they get on Linux". The newly released Zend Server is, in many ways, a culmination of these efforts. It is the best performing PHP stack for Windows. It provides native MSI support, MSI-based hot fixes, native IIS support, SQL Server for PHP, FastCGI, and more.

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